eurythmy toronto

The pLanetary Seals in Eurythmy

2017, December 3, Sunday, 9:30 to 11:00 am @ the Toronto Waldorf School. Cost $15. Registration: via contact page.

Rudolf Steiner drew seven fascinating planetary seals. They are like a harmonic resonance of each ‘planet’ and can be moved in eurythmy. Reg Down will be guiding a group through the Saturn seal in the large forum space at the Toronto Waldorf School.

Reg Down trained in eurythmy at Emerson College, England and the Nurnberg Eurythmie Schule in Germany. He has taught children and adults in Waldorf schools and their attendant communities in Canada, USA and Australia. He was a faculty member of Rudolf Steiner College, California for ten years and recently the artistic director of a eurythmy performing group in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of three books arising out of eurythmy: Leaving Room for the Angels: eurythmy and the art of teaching, Color and Gesture: the inner life of color, and Adam’s Alphabet, an apparent children’s book.

sat seal-002.jpg