Festivals Alive in Barrie, Ontario

Here are a few shots of the Easter Celebration by Festivals Alive, in Barrie, Ontario. Festivals Alive is a small by dedicated group led by eurythmist Cynthia Gelder that meets once a week to do eurythmy. They put together seasonal festivals that might also include local speakers or musicians. Enjoy!

Festivals Alive most heartedly welcomes new members, from  beginners to trained eurythmists. Please contact director Cynthia Gelder at cgelder2002@yahoo.com if you wish to join.

Eurythmy Easter 2018-7420.jpg
Eurythmy Easter 2018-7428.jpg
Eurythmy Easter 2018-7437.jpg
Eurythmy Easter 2018-7461.jpg
Eurythmy Easter 2018-7470.jpg
Eurythmy Easter 2018-7474.jpg
Eurythmy Easter 2018-7490.jpg

The Sun Seal in Eurythmy

Reg Down will be leading a group through Rudolf Steiner's Sun seal on Saturday, Jan 6, at the Toronto Waldorf School, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Cost $20 (seniors/students $15). Registration: email Reg via the contact page.

FYI: The remaining seals - Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn - will occur on Feb 3, March 3, April 14, May 5, June 2, respectively - all Saturdays in the afternoon as this seems to suit people better.

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