eurythmy in canada

Eurythmy: an art of gesture, form, color and movement developed by Rudolf Steiner and the ongoing work of eurythmists.

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Eurythmy has two wellsprings: speech and music. In speech eurythmy we become a visible speech organism; in music eurythmy we sing with our whole being. In neither case does the eurythmist speak or sing audibly. Instead, while a speaker speaks or a musician plays our whole gesture-being is poured into what is audible and the process of creating the audible. Everything that lies in speech and music formation has the potential to find expression in eurythmy, including the deeper sources of human expression beyond the physical. Parallel with a professional approach to music and speech, there are three main aspects to eurythmy: the artistic, the pedagogical and the therapeutic.

The Eurythmy Association of North America (EANA) has information on professional eurythmy courses, trainings, publications, jobs and performances. They publish two newsletters per year.

Eurythmy can be used therapeutically by a trained practitioner, generally in conjuction with a doctor trained in anthroposophically extended medicine. Practitioners first complete a eurythmy training, a full-time four year program, and then take the therapeutic eurythmy training. ATHENA is the acronym for the Association for Therapeutic Eurythmy in North America. Their website has further information, resources and practitioners.

Banner and Gallery photos: Lucas Bois. Taken at the 100 Years of Eurythmy Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013, the shots include professional groups, graduating eurythmy students from Peru, high school students and amateur groups. A full selection of photographs is found in the Gallery.

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